Ann Magnuson Live Performance: Bowie Cabaret and The Jobriath Medley
Ann Magnuson Live Performance: Bowie Cabaret and The Jobriath Medley
(60 mins)
Musical Director Kristian Hoffman, Starring Ann Magnuson

No one's got more street cred than Ann Magnuson. She's a cult rock star (Bongwater), was ravished by David Bowie in THE HUNGER, seduced River Phoenix in A NIGHT IN THE LIFE OF JIMMY REARDON, cracked wise with Madonna in DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN and defined the New York 1980s underground scene with her work as a performance artist, musician and actress.

In a special live glam rock performance preceding the documentary JOBRIATH A.D., Magnuson pays tribute to David Bowie and Jobriath, the first openly gay glam rocker. The world wasn't ready for Jobriath's fierce flamboyance in 1973 and he became a footnote in rock history until Magnuson first performed The Jobriath Medley in 1996. Not many were publicly celebrating him then besides Magnuson and Morrissey (a longtime fan who oversaw his CD re-release in 2004). Magnuson has been performing in theaters, museums, on the big and little screens, and in a gadzillion cabaret spaces around the world since then and her performance promises to drench you in glam rock fairy dust.

Stick around after the performance! From 9-9:45pm, we will have a special reception for Magnuson's new record The Jobriath Medley and the Los Angeles premiere of the documentary JOBRIATH A.D. which will start at 10pm. All are welcome to the reception!

Please note that a separate ticket is needed for both the Magnuson performance and the film JOBRIATH A.D.
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